Manure that becomes stronger your soil

Manure is added to soil to provide chemical elements that are necessary for plant feeding. Plants get carbon, hydrogen and oxygen from weather and water; all the other foods from the soil. Feeding that is the most necessary for plants are calcium, nitrogen, phosphor, magnesium, potassium and sulphur. Substantial minerals in soil can meet plant’s needs so far, after a while it needs to be reinforced as needed. In this point we, as Arda Commerce, have gotten manures for you that have been applied as solid, liquid and melt.

Natural Manures: Excrements of cattle, sheep, horse which are also known as barnyard manures are added to soil with waste products inside after waiting for a while. That make soil rich with their contents Nitrogen, phosphor, potassium, and also make soil soft, make being processed easier and increase its ability of water holding. Animal manures are mostly used for farming vegetable and flower because of not burning plant roots by resolving lately. Compost manure, produced by being rotted waste of planted and animal origin, has an important position in natural manures too. Process which is named as green manure is done with tilth of cropped product (lucerne, fig, broad bean, soya etc.) while it is green and putting into soil.

Synthetic Manures: Synthetic manures that are made as liquid and solid, are named by denser active matters inside. Nitrogenous manures consist of ammonium compounds and compounds contain a great quantity of nitrat. Ammonia, contains 82% of nitrogen is an active matter in this manure. Potassium nitrate (also known as saltpetre), ammonium nitrate (ure), ammonium sulphate, calcium nitrate are the most important nitrogenous manures. It is commonly used although it should be used carefully because of that it burns capillary roots. Manures with calcium are obtained from granulated lime stone and especially are used for stopping calcium absence in soils with sand. Manures with phosphate are obtained from animal bones, natural tricalcium, phosphates. Manures with potasium are named as potash in manure industry. It is obtained from natural potasium salts and ash of wood. It is easy to processed it because of solving easily in water. Manures with potash are used less often from manures with nitrogen and phosphor.