Bovine and Ovine Animal Breeding

Our company has a bovine and ovine animal farm in the county of Tekirdağ in Çorlu, animal assembly areas in different cities and counties too. That provides animal, have suitable characteristics, for enterprisers who want to buy animal with Ziraat Bank’s credit for several Social Mutualisation and Cooperation Foundations. That also provides animal for Agriculture Credit Cooperatives, enterprisers who want to buy animal with GAP-DAP Project, Milk Unities, breeders who want to buy animal as part of İpard Project and projects of grant support.

We have taken our power from productive soils of Thrace. We have adopted our essential principle of protecting pleasure and health of producer and consumer, by making high technology, quality and hygiene a principle.

  • Confidence: We work for making trust to you with our experience, durable technological basis, innovator intellection and dependence on ethic values all time.
  • Naturality: We take our power from productive soils of Thrace, value naturality.
  • Quality and Hygiene: We care of your health, follow all development in sector by this mind, keep our quality and hygiene standarts on the top level all the time.
  • Environmental consciousness: We love our World, support to use natural sources most efficiently and recycling.