We are opening up to the World
from productive soil of Thrace...

Natural agriculture
fertile harvest

Agriculture and livestock, because of its means of life source, have been of capital importance from existence of humanity to nowadays and it will continue protecting its meaning as long as life continues and humanity comes into existence.

Arda Commerce
service area

  • That is a great rooted, powerful and vision holder family company.
  • We are greatful because of their support for us about supplying bovine and ovine animal.
  • We have worked together with the company in the fodder period for 15 years and we have bought about 10.000 bales every years. Service and quality is great!
  • We thank them very much because of being supportive to supply agricultural pesticide for last years.
  • The company has also supplied organic manure for greenhouse holders like us because of ranching bovine and ovine breeding and they have been supportive to us for years.

Jewel under the soil, “Wheat”

The most important chain
in the feeding ring of humanity
for thousands of years.

As labour so bread...